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Shredded Duck

Total net weight : 180 g

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Duck confit is the product of an ancient method of preservation. Our ancestors preserved duck by covering it with warm fat in terracotta jars. Albert Ménès shredded duck, made from free-range Landes duck meat, contains the equivalent of two duck legs. The meat, skinless and boneless, is preserved and prepared traditionally, using only fat and salt. The quality of the raw materials ensures excellent cooking properties.
This shredded duck meat can be enjoyed in many ways. Cold, it is wonderful in a Perigord salad. Warmed in a frying pan, the soft and tender duck can be eaten with a fricassee of porcini mushrooms, mousseline sauce or beans. The fat can be used to fry potatoes, which will provide a delicious accompaniment to this tasty meat, typical of the gastronomy of southwestern France.
Net weight :
180 g