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Himalayan Pink Salt

Total net weight : 170 g

5,05 €

29,71 € / kg

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Our Himalayan pink salt is harvested in the heart of the world’s largest mountain range, from saline rocks that date back several million years. It gets its unique colour from the mineral-rich waters that are typical of this region. This salt is very strong and has a crunchy, rough texture. Himalayan pink salt has a rare purity and is exceptionally rich in minerals, is low in sodium, and has also been known to reduce rheumatism.
Himalayan pink salt is perfect for seasoning roast meat, seasonal vegetables, baked fish and soups. Add a sprinkle of the salt directly to your dish during cooking or just use straight from the pot to season your meal at the table. It can also be used in a salt mill to get a finer texture.
Net weight :
170 g