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Finest Quality Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence

Total net weight : 110 g

6,36 €

57,82 € / kg

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This blend is made using Guérande-harvested ‘Fleur de Sel’. It has a PGI label (Protected Geographical Indication) and is mixed here with a blend of herbes de Provence. This subtle blend combines the finely iodized taste of ‘Fleur de Sel’ and the typical aromatic taste of herbes de Provence. The fresh basil and thyme used in this mix go perfectly with the powerful flavour of rosemary and oregano. The savoury used in this mix enhances the blend with its slightly peppery notes.
The perfect way to season vegetable and meat-based dishes. Also a delicious addition to poultry or light fish dishes.
Net weight :
110 g