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Finest Quality Sea Salt with Lemon

Total net weight : 110 g

6,79 €

61,73 € / kg

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Our finest quality sea salt with lemon is an ingenious, balanced mix of Guérande sea salt and lemon zest. The natural Guérande sea salt is a source of essential natural richness and is renowned for its high concentration of trace elements, specifically magnesium and calcium, and its low sodium content. It has a PGI label (Protected Geographical Indication) which serves as a quality guarantee. Its subtle taste is combined here with the slightly fruity acidity of our lemon peel. Did you know that the natural colour of Guérande sea salt varies depending on the amount of clay in it? "Grey salt" is harvested from the bottom of the clay basins, while the "white gold" salt, more commonly known as "fleur de sel", is harvested from the surface of the salt marsh.  Forming a delicate crystallised crust, the fugacious Guérande ‘fleur de sel’ appears according to the whims of the Breton winds.
Our Finest Quality Sea Salt with Lemon is perfect for grilled meat dishes and seasonal salads. Add this subtle mix to give your fish, shellfish, white meat, vegetable or grain-based dishes an unbeatable taste. We recommend adding it towards the end of the cooking process so the lemony flavour has time to fully develop. Enhance and mix up your seasonings and dressings with this flavoured ‘fleur de sel’.
Net weight :
110 g