Barbecue Sauce with Oak Wood Smoked Paprika

Total net weight : 170 g

3,57 €

21,00 € / kg

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Barbecue Sauce is king in the United States. This sweet and savoury sauce is the star of weekend barbecues and so many other dishes! At Albert Ménès, we have revisited this legendary recipe with a twist by adding a touch of oak wood smoked paprika. A delicious sauce that both children and adults will love. This barbecue sauce is made with care and contains only natural ingredients. It has no added artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives or texturing agents. It gets its delicious flavour a beautiful amber colour from the slow and meticulous cooking process. It has the perfect balance of the sweet cooked tomatoes, caramelized onions and tangy red wine vinegar. It is perfected with a touch of smoked paprika at the end of the cooking process. Entirely made in France!
This ready-to-use sauce is full of character and goes perfectly with all types of meat dishes. It goes well with pork, beef and chicken. It can also be used as is as a marinade for oven-cooked ribs. For something a bit extra, try adding a little crushed garlic, soy sauce and honey. This everyday sauce can also be used to season fresh pasta, rice, fried potatoes or vegetables. It’s also a delicious addition to a sandwich or homemade hamburger.
Net weight :
170 g
Gross weight :
310 g