Foie Gras Sauce

Total net weight : 180 g

7,65 €

42,50 € / kg

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Our foie gras sauce has been created with care in kitchens in the South West of France. The recipe contains no preservatives, and, where possible, is made from ingredients of French origin. The foie gras used in this sauce comes from farmhouse ducks in the South West of France that meet Label Rouge and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) specifications. The high-quality ingredients, traditional know-how from the South West of France, and the slow cooking of this sauce makes it an incredible dish for those looking for something gourmet.
Our light and creamy "Foie Gras" sauce can be used on red meat as well as poultry: duck breast, capon, turkey stuffed with chestnuts, etc. Its delicate taste also goes well with quality seafood such as langoustine or scallops. This ready to use sauce should be warmed slowly in a pan and stirred gently, without letting it come to the boil. It can also be re-heated in a bain-marie.
Net weight :
180 g
Gross weight :
340 g