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Eco-Refill Turmeric Latte Mix

Total net weight : 105 g

7,90 €

75,24 € / kg

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The kraft eco-refill format of Turmeric Latte Mix was responsibly designed by Albert Ménès. Economical and practical, this format allows the reuse of the brand's iconic glass spice bottles. These eco-refills are resealable and hermetic: they protect your spices from humidity and light and preserve all their aromas and organoleptic qualities. With this spice refill system, Albert Ménès intends to offer an alternative to reduce waste and limit the impact on the environment, without compromising quality. 

By using our eco-refills, you consume differently: you benefit from a reduction of 30% you make a strong contribution for the planet !

In need of being comforted? The Albert Ménès Turmeric Latte Mix has been designed to liven the tasty and unmissable Golden Latte up. Also called Moon Milk and Lait d'Or, the Golden Latte is both miracle drink with many virtues. Coming from India, this delicious turmeric-based recipe is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is therefore useful when needing boost, or when one’s liver is tired. It is recommended to savor it in the evening, before bedtime.

The Golden Latte has been enjoyed for centuries to soothe the body and to treat oneself. It should be prepared as follows: heat 15 cl of vegetable milk until it simmers, add 1 tsp. coffee mixture Turmeric Latte and sweeten at your convenience with some honey. You can also adapt the recipe in alternating almond, rice, oats, coconut and soya milks and in adding other ingredients to your drink, such as cinnamon, coconut or agave syrup for instance. This vegan Albert Ménès blend will also flavour your hot drinks, juices and smoothies, and can give an interesting twist to your desserts and pastries.

Net weight :
105 g
Gross weight :
181 g