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Eco-Refill Flower Petal Mix


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The kraft eco-refill format of Flower Petal Mix was responsibly designed by Albert Ménès. Economical and practical, this format allows the reuse of the brand's iconic glass spice bottles. These eco-refills are resealable and hermetic: they protect your spices from humidity and light and preserve all their aromas and organoleptic qualities. With this spice refill system, Albert Ménès intends to offer an alternative to reduce waste and limit the impact on the environment, without compromising quality. 

By using our eco-refills, you consume differently: you benefit from a reduction of 30% and you make a strong contribution for the planet !

The Flower Petal Mix by Albert Ménès is composed of delicate rose, marigold, cornflower and mallow flowers. It will bring a touch of originality and colour to your recipes and dishes.

As a starter, just add a few pinches to garnish a green salad or a Provencal salad. For a main course, this flower petal mix will add a touch of imagination to sea bream ceviche, oven-roasted vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, parsnip or butternut squash), a purée of celery root with almonds or sauced-based white meat dishes. You can also use it to decorate fresh goat's cheese or a burrata fondante. For dessert, this mix is a great addition to a Gariguettes strawberry tartlet, a homemade cheesecake, Madagascar bourbon vanilla ice cream, a fresh fruit compote, or dark chocolate profiteroles. When added to a fruit salad, these petals will release their floral scent when they come into contact with the sweet syrup. You can also use it in baking in custard or sponge cakes. Best infused into a dish or used straight from the jar in a vinaigrette.

INGREDIENTS: Marigold, rose and cornflower petals; mallow flower and safflower, strawberry leaf


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