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Eco-Refill Timut Berries

Total net weight : 120 g

7,90 €

65,83 € / kg

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The kraft eco-refill format of  Timut Berries was responsibly designed by Albert Ménès. Economical and practical, this format allows the reuse of the brand's iconic glass spice bottles. These eco-refills are resealable and hermetic: they protect your spices from humidity and light and preserve all their aromas and organoleptic qualities. With this spice refill system, Albert Ménès intends to offer an alternative to reduce waste and limit the impact on the environment, without compromising quality. 

By using our eco-refills, you consume differently: you benefit from a reduction of 30% and you make a strong contribution for the planet

The Timut peppercorn is not a type of pepper but instead comes from a small thorny shrub, much like the Sichuan pepper which is similar in appearance. It originates from Nepal and gets its unique lemony taste from the soil and climate in which it is grown. It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Grapefruit Pepper’.

This strong, bold, and extremely fresh peppercorn is an easy way to enhance and freshen up your dishes. Be careful not to use too much of it as it may slightly numb your palate.

It is perfect with lobster or scallops. You can also use it to deglaze a sauce. 

Goes perfectly with summer fruits and sorbets, all types of fish and shellfish, poultry, and summer vegetables.

Net weight :
120 g
Gross weight :
133 g