Albacore Tuna Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Total net weight : 69 g

8,85 €

128,26 € / kg

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This tuna is of the Albacore variety, the finest and rarest quality of tuna. Its flesh is light in colour, which is why it is called white tuna. As soon as the fresh fish arrive at the factory, the heads are removed and the fish are gutted, cleaned and cut into pieces. The flanks that will be used to make the fillets are separated and cooked in broth. Each fillet is then delicately detached by hand, tinned and covered with extra virgin olive oil. This is painstaking work, as the fillets are fragile, and these operations require highly skilled labour. The small Atlantic albacore tuna only yields 3 to 6 tins of fillets per fish. The fillet is the finest part of the tuna, the equivalent of beef fillet or pork tenderloin.
These tuna fillets can be enjoyed as an appetizer or accompanied by a seasonal salad for a quick, light, refined meal.
Net weight :
69 g
Gross weight :
115 g