White Tuna Albacore Tuna in Brine

Total net weight : 160 g

5,89 €

36,81 € / kg

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This tuna is of the Albacore variety, the finest and rarest quality of tuna. Its flesh is light in colour, which is why it is called white tuna. The young albacore tuna follow the rising warm waters of the Gulf Stream in the summer as far as the continental shelf off Ireland and Brittany, returning to the Azores for the winter. The fish are caught off the coast of Brittany. As soon as they arrive, the fresh fish are headed, gutted, cleaned and cut into pieces. The flanks are separated and used to make tuna fillets (the finest part of the fish). The white tuna is simply trimmed, soaked in brine, cooked and canned.
The refined flavour of its flesh is an ideal accompaniment for salads, but it can also be eaten hot in a Provençal or Armorican sauce or used to make a tuna quiche.
Net weight :
160 g
Gross weight :
210 g