Peppercorns and Berries

Penja Peppercorns - Pepper Mill

Total net weight : 50 g

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181,20 € / kg

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UNIQUE - STRENGTH 3 - STRONG - MUSKY NOTES Much like with wine, the land on which the peppercorns are grown has a strong influence on how its taste is developed. The volcanic soil and the equatorial climate in the region surrounding Penja give this pepper a unique flavour with woody and musky notes. Its rareness, due to the small area in which is can be grown, its origin and its flavour make it one of the most valuable peppers in the world. Picked when fully ripe with a red colour, the peppercorns are then immersed in a freshwater bath. The softened skin of the peppercorns is then removed by hand, revealing the creamy white colour of the peppercorns. Considered one of the finest peppercorns in the world, this pepper has woody, amber-scented and musky notes. It has a powerful, full-bodied and long-lasting taste. This pepper mill is practical for the dinner table and in the kitchen with two openings (at the top and bottom) allowing you to fully appreciate the quality of the freshly ground peppercorns.
We recommend that you avoid cooking the Penja pepper for too long as this can change its flavours. This pepper goes perfectly with and brings out the best flavours in seafood. It also goes surprisingly well with fromage frais or chocolatey desserts. Goes perfectly with fleshy fish (turbot, monkfish), poultry fillets, rabbit and crudités.
Net weight :
50 g