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Organic Red Kampot Pepper Bag

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Albert Ménès is a passionate supporter of the Bayon pastry school organisation. The Bayon pastry school teaches underprivileged children in Cambodia and also offers professional pastry cooking training for young Cambodian women. This bag of Kampot pepper, a valuable PGI-labelled pepper, has been made from Krama, a traditional Khmer fabric, by the mothers in the school. Inside the bag is our organic Kampot red pepper which is grown and produced as part of the Fair Farms sustainable development project.  This exceptional red Kampot pepper has an extraordinary scent and amazing flavours. It has sweet and spicy gingerbread, honey and clove flavours with earthy notes. Grown in Kampot in southern Cambodia, this pepper has the perfect balance of lemony flavours with in the southern region of Cambodia, this pepper has the perfect balance of lemon and cocoa flavours.
Gross weight :
34 g