Peppercorns and Berries

Peppercorns and Berries

Total net weight : 55 g

5,98 €

108,73 € / kg

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GENEROUS - STRENGTH 3 - STRONG This colourful and fragrant blend of peppercorns and berries combines flavours which complement and enhance one another. This subtle and balanced blend has been developed to bring out the strong flavour of black peppercorns, the sweetness of pink berries, the freshness of green peppercorns, the woody taste of white pepper and the warmth of allspice.
Use straight from the jar to flavour stocks and marinades, or grind and use to enhance red meat or pasta. It’s the perfect way to enhance your meals, salads and marinades. This is the ideal seasoning for summer recipes. Goes perfectly with all types of vinaigrettes and seasonings for salads, ceviches and tartares.
Net weight :
55 g