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Mild Basque Pepper

Total net weight : 40 g

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MILD - STRENGTH 1 In mainstream cooking, the Mild Basque Pepper, originally from Anglet in France, is not as commonly known as the Espelette Pepper, which belongs to the same family of peppers. It is still a typical product of South West France and is used in many traditional recipes such as Veal Axoa, Basque-Style Chicken or Basque Omelette. The pepper is picked before it is ripe, when it is still green, and is then sun-dried before being ground down to powder. 
In the kitchen, it is used more commonly as a seasoning rather than as a pepper or chilli pepper. Its subtle roasted pepper and fruity flavour will enhance your summer dishes and eggs, however you like them! Goes perfectly with eggs, tomatoes, goat’s cheese, aubergines, courgettes and veal.
Net weight :
40 g
Gross weight :
182 g