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Ground Cayenne Pepper

Total net weight : 65 g

3,26 €

50,15 € / kg

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HOT - STRENGTH 5 Native to the island of Cayenne in French Guiana, this chilli pepper is an essential ingredient in Latin America and South America. In the 1980s, it was widely used by French chefs to replace pepper in recipes such as pike quenelles or béchamel sauce for its appearance. Cayenne pepper is picked red when ripe, then dried in the sun before being ground into powder.
In the kitchen, it enhances dishes with its power, but it should be used sparingly. In fact, it is used more for its heat than for its flavour, which is relatively discreet. Goes perfectly with chicken breast, kidney beans, minced beef
Net weight :
65 g
Gross weight :
220 g