Mustards and Vinegars

Walnut Mustard

Total net weight : 100 g

3,10 €

31,00 € / kg

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The quality of our Albert Ménès mustards lies in the use, wherever possible, of traditional production processes using stone-grinding equipment reconstituted from old drawings. The slow crushing process, combined with the quality of the raw materials used, produces a fine and delicately spicy mustard. It enlivens the dishes it accompanies, but does not overwhelm them. When mustard is too strong, it can swamp the taste buds and prevent the main dish being enjoyed. This is not the case with Albert Ménès mustards, which achieve a harmonious balance between fragrance and heat.
It is perfect for flavouring the vinaigrette for a chicory salad.
Net weight :
100 g
Gross weight :
200 g