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For a dose of flavour, comfort and renewed energy, Albert Ménès offers you this healthy spice set. It contains :

- Our Spicy Pepper Boost mix, composed of whole black pepper, turmeric shavings from Madagascar, ginger from Indonesia and lemon zest. When combined, turmeric, ginger and pepper are more easily assimilated by the body and their incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are increased tenfold. It is used to spice up seasonings and preparations by mixing it with fat or to flavour a fruit salad, fresh cheese or a drink (juice, hot drink).

- Our Turmeric Latte mix, designed to make the tasty Golden Latte, a miracle drink with certain virtues. Based on turmeric, this recipe is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It soothes the body and gives energy. It is tasted by mixing 1 teaspoon in 15cl of hot vegetable milk that is sweetened with honey. The mixture can also be used for your drink recipes and give a surprising touch to your desserts. We like to taste it in the evening before going to bed.

- Our Turmeric Delight mix, an exclusive vegan blend created by Albert Ménès. Composed of about ten spices and aromatic herbs, it is used as a curry. It goes well with autumn/winter vegetables and vegetarian dishes, but also gives relief to fish and marinated white meats.

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