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Three Seaweed Mix

Total net weight : 40 g

3,87 €

96,75 € / kg

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Our Three Seaweed Mix is an exclusive and unique blend, created by our teams and made in France. It contains no artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives. With tastes of the sea, this mix combines three different types of seaweed harvested in Brittany (sea lettuce, nori, dulse) and whose salty taste is balanced out by the sweet notes of dehydrated tomato flakes. The sharp tomatoes brings a touch of colour that will brighten up your dishes. The most common seaweed in France, sea lettuce has a bright green colour and plant scent. Nori, with a delicate smoked tea flavour and dark green colour, is used to make Japanese maki sushi rolls. Dulse, with a fuller-bodied fragrance and a greyish-violet colour, has shellfish notes and a more chewy texture.
The Seaweed Mix by Albert Ménès can be used straight from the jar or incorporated when cooking. When infused in a fatty substance (eggs, oil, butter) or added to fish or shellfish dishes halfway through cooking, all the flavours of this mix will be revealed. Give your salads an Asian-inspired flavour by adding this mix to a vinaigrette.
Net weight :
40 g
Gross weight :
182 g