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Mediterranean Mix

Total net weight : 60 g

5,03 €

83,83 € / kg

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Our Mediterranean mix is an exclusive and unique blend which has been cooked up by our teams and produced in France. The mix is made from vegetables which are picked at their peak of ripeness and then dehydrated. It contains no artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives. The mix has a mild pepper taste, a naturally sweet tomato flavour and fresh basil notes. With its lightly salted flavour, we advise that you season your dishes accordingly.
The Mediterranean mix by Albert Ménès has many different uses. It can be used straight from the pot and marinated in olive oil or used in a vinaigrette, or it can be used during cooking by adding it to your dish a few minutes before it’s finished cooking. For example, this mix can be used as a delicious seasoning for baked potatoes.
Net weight :
60 g