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Spicy Pepper Boost Mix Mill

Total net weight : 35 g

4,69 €

134,00 € / kg

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In need of being boosted? Try the Albert Ménès Spicy Pepper Boost Mix, a genuine cocktail of health benefits... Composed of whole black pepper, turmeric shavings from Madagascar, Indonesian ginger and yellow lemon zests, it can be used like a classic pepper and ground at the last moment on all your preparations. Thus, the spices’ freshness remains intact until use. This unique and vegan recipe deliciously spices up and perfumes all your sweet and savory dishes. The spices have been selected for their freshness and their incredible properties. Associated, turmeric, ginger and pepper are more easily assimilated by the body, and their incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory virtues are tenfold. Albert Ménès chose to associate citrus notes to soften and balance the spiciness of the winning trio... A great way to treat yourself while doing yourself good...

The Albert Ménès Spicy Pepper Boost Mix can be used like a classic pepper, to spice up all your dressings, vinaigrette sauces and your preparations. Mixed with fat, it brings numerous benefits through its active ingredients (oil, butter, ghee...). It can also flavor a fruit salad, a juice, some cheese or hot drink. As convenient at the table as in the kitchen, this double-opening mill (high and low) will allow you to fully appreciate the quality of our freshly ground mixes.

Net weight :
35 g
Gross weight :
177 g