Mandarin Marmalade from Menton

Total net weight : 280 g

7,20 €

25,71 € / kg

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Our Mandarin Marmalade from Menton is produced in our Provence kitchen every year between January and February as soon as we receive the fresh fruit. We have chosen to us mandarins from the French town of Menton because of their delicious flavours and the close proximity of their producer to our kitchens near Nice. The mandarins are grown without the use of pesticides. The mandarins are cleaned, cut in two and then carefully strained before being cooked for a long time by our master jam makers in an open copper cauldron pot. Their artisanal skills and the authentic recipe guarantee a sweet and tasty creation. The mildly-flavoured mandarins give the jam a surprisingly powerful taste.
Our Mandarin Marmalade from Menton is perfect spread on toast, melba toast or pancakes for breakfast or for a snack. It can also be used to make certain desserts, especially winter ones, such as the traditional Yule Log for Christmas.
Net weight :
280 g
Gross weight :
480 g