Low-Sugar Clementine and Lemon Marmalade

Total net weight : 265 g

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4,60 €

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Our low-sugar marmalade is made from Corsican clementines which have been chosen for their natural sweetness, and Spanish lemons, which give a acidic and fruity taste. Like all of our jams and marmalades, it has been made by hand and cooked in an open copper cauldron pot. The amount of sugar in this secret recipe has been reduced and instead the marmalade has been enriched with fruit, therefore keeping the strong taste of the carefully selected citrus fruits.
Enjoy our low-sugar Corsican clementine and Spanish lemon marmalade for breakfast or tea time. A delicious addition to one of our Almond Cakes from Visan in Provence or our Swiss Zwieback Toasts You can also use it to make desserts such as sweet loaves, cakes or cupcakes.
Net weight :
265 g
Gross weight :
265 g