Sweet Sliced Orange Marmalade

Total net weight : 280 g

5,50 €

19,64 € / kg

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As soon as we receive the fresh fruits, our sweet sliced orange marmalade is produced every year in our Provence kitchen, between the months of November and December. Sweet Navel oranges from Spain are known for both their sweetness and their strong flavour. The oranges are cleaned, sliced and candied with sugar, and are then cooked for a long time by our master jam makers in an open copper cauldron pot. Each slice of orange is then carefully placed in the jars by hand. Their artisanal skills and the authentic recipe guarantee a sweet and tasty creation.
You can use the candied orange slices to decorate your cakes and desserts. They are similar to candied fruit, which can also be eaten as is.
Net weight :
280 g