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Total net weight : 35 g

4,90 €

140,00 € / kg

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Our lemon peel is unique to the market. After being harvested from sunny Spain, the lemons are crushed, lightly grated and then dried. But what gives them that unique sour but fruity taste and bright yellow colour? As is often the case with Albert Ménès products, the secret is in the manufacturing process. With this in mind, our lemon peel obviously contains lemon peel but also a lot of dried fruit pulp.
This lemon peel must be rehydrated before use by adding it to a small amount of water or by adding it directly to the mix when preparing a dish. It can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. Try using this peel to season your pasta dishes, fish en papillotte recipes or stews. For sweeter dishes, this can be used in fruity cakes or desserts.
Net weight :
35 g
Gross weight :
177 g