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French PGI Thyme

Total net weight : 30 g

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105,67 € / kg

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The PGI Albert Ménès thyme is certified "Protected Geographical Indication", a guarantee of superior quality. This thyme is harvested in the South of France, by an agricultural cooperative with rich know-how. This aromatic plant from the Provencal terroir (South Of France) grows naturally in the scrubland, because it is perfectly adapted to the southern climate. The sunshine and the higher temperatures allow the plant to charge itself with essential oils, and therefore with aromas, and take on a beautiful green color, a guarantee of quality. Rosemary, rich in taste and flavor, is harvested in late spring, at the optimal time. It is then rigorously selected, sorted and then checked throughout its transformation.

Albert Ménès’ PGI thyme is an essential ingredient in the making of the bouquet garni: it is then combined with bay leaves and parsley stalks to flavor broths and casseroles. Use it in cooking to flavor marinades, civets, stews, ratatouille and fish soups, or to perfect the seasoning of grilled meats. It is also appreciated as a herbal tea, infused for five minutes in hot water, at the rate of one teaspoon per cup.

Net weight :
30 g
Gross weight :
171 g