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Provence Violet Jelly

Total net weight : 280 g

8,10 €

28,93 € / kg

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Our violet jelly is made using flowers from the French Riviera which are grown under the Mediterranean sun and are not treated once they blossom. These flowers are hand-picked with care and precision to protect the integrity of the petals. They give our jellies an unrivalled refinement and taste. The violets used for this candied fruit are from Tourettes sur Loup, a small hilltop village typical of inland Nice, where they have been grown for over a hundred years. The producers of this jelly chose Victoria violets due to their fragrant properties. After they are received in our kitchens in Carros, these flowers are then worked by our master jam makers using ancestral recipes.
Our Violet Jelly is perfect both for breakfast and tea time. It can be spread on toast or be used as an original alternative to lightly sweeten tea. Experience its full range of flavours by adding it to panna cotta.
Net weight :
280 g