Sumac from Lebanon

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Sumac is one of the most popular spices in the Middle East and is used in the famous Zaatar blend. This pretty garnet-coloured spice actually comes from berries growing on a shrub related to the pistachio tree. These berries are grown, harvested, dried and then ground into powder by the Qwazah cooperative. Located in the South of Lebanon, a region renowned for its favourable climate for growing sumac, this mixed cooperative is made up of about thirty people. Since 2010, the NGO Fair Trade Lebanon has been federating family farms and cooperatives like the one in Qwazah. The aim is to help producers to develop through training, equipment and outlets. This sumac selected by Albert Ménès has a subtle and pleasant taste, both tangy and fruity. It can therefore be used as a condiment, as a substitute for vinegar and lemon.

Sumac comes in the form of a creamy, moist powder; slightly acidic, even vinegary, sumac sparkles in the mouth and leaves a few natural salty notes on the taste buds. Sumac can be sprinkled as a final touch on fish, omelettes, white meats, papillotes, etc. It is an excellent alternative for people who cook without salt; as stevia is naturally sweet, sumac is naturally salty.

Gross weight :
150 g