Zaatar from Lebanon

Total net weight : 55 g

6,20 €

112,73 € / kg

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Zaatar is a traditional Middle Eastern spice blend that has been around for centuries. While its composition and ingredients vary from region to region, this one comes from the Qwazah cooperative, supported by the Fair Trade Lebanon association. This mixed cooperative is made up of around thirty people. The NGO Fair Trade Lebanon has been helping and federating family farms and cooperatives throughout Lebanon since 2010. The objective is to help producers develop through training, equipment and outlets. This blend selected by Albert Ménès has all the typical flavours of a zaatar; slightly acidic, subtle and rich in sesame. The cooperative is located in the south of Lebanon, a region renowned for its dry and favourable climate and the quality of its thyme.
Zaatar is a perfect seasoning for vegetables in salads, mixed with oil to brush on meat before cooking, or simply to flavour a hummus. It is a very easy to use mixture, which can be eaten raw or cooked, in the oven or on the barbecue.
Net weight :
55 g
Gross weight :
150 g