Saffron Filaments - 2 measures of 0.2 g

Total net weight : 0,4 g

5,86 €

14 650,00 € / kg

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Saffron comes from the stamen of a small mauve-petalled flower belonging to the Crocus species. Originally from Mesopotamia, it was then brought to Spain by the Moors who gave it the name asfar, meaning "yellow" in Arabic. The very delicate Crocus flower can only be picked and "peeled" by hand. Saffron is therefore one of the most valuable spices in the world. The saffron powder that we have chosen has an ‘origin of Iran’ certification. Its quality can be seen through the colour and length of its dark red pistils.
Saffron filaments must be infused in a lukewarm liquid (water, broth or milk) at least 1 to 2 hours before use. However, we recommend infusing it for 24 hours so that it can release all of its flavours and colours. Saffron gives dishes its unique slightly bitter mushroom flavour that’s both woody and fruity. It gives seafood dishes a delicious flavour.
Net weight :
0,4 g
Gross weight :
160 g