Star Anise

Total net weight : 20 g

7,42 €

371,00 € / kg

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Its Chinese name means eight points, because each star has eight branches and each branch hides a treasure: its aniseed-flavoured grain, hence the name star anise. Picked while still green, the fruits are dried in the sun, giving them a beautiful amber colour. Albert Ménès star anise is sorted by hand and only whole heads are selected. This guarantees the aesthetic quality of this beautiful spice, while preserving all its aromas.
Used whole, star anise perfumes shellfish broths, marinades, citrus salads and dessert creams. Ground to powder, the seeds are ideal for flavouring pastries. Star anise is also very effective as an infusion or decoction to treat certain digestive disorders.
Net weight :
20 g
Gross weight :
170 g