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Organic Whole Cloves

Total net weight : 25 g

3,01 €

120,40 € / kg

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Great for relieving aches and pains. The 25 g Organic Whole Cloves by La Caravane des Épices are organically grown and certified under IFS and Ecocert standards. Packaged in France, this product is made entirely from natural ingredients. Discovered in the Maluku Islands, also known as the Spice Islands, the clove is the flower bud of the clove tree, picked before the corolla blooms. Introduced to Europe in the fourth century by the Arabs, the clove became a luxury product that was taxed in the Middle Ages. It has always been used in spice blends in China and India. These Organic Whole Cloves by La Caravane des Épices come from clove-growing regions in Madagascar. The buds are picked, sun-dried and then sorted by hand to guarantee the best quality. Produced by organic farmers' cooperatives, these cloves La Caravane des Épices are recognisable for their pronounced flavour and aesthetic appearance. Only whole heads are selected, leading to the strong flavour and specific taste of this spice.
Spiked into an onion, cloves deliciously flavour sauerkraut, stocks and stews. Their slightly sweet taste goes wonderfully with fruit salads and compotes and flavours cakes, pain d’épices, fruit juices and mulled wines.
Net weight :
25 g
Gross weight :
195 g