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Winter Treats Gift Set

Total net weight : 330 g

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Be tempted by our Winter Treats Gift Set which is bursting with sweet and spiced flavours. It’s a great way to bring some comfort during the dark, winter months. For the foodies out there, the perfect way to enjoy this set is with some hot tea or mulled wine !

- Dark Chocolate Petit-Beurre Biscuits from Lorient, a biscuit with a strong and delicious taste.

- Orange Blossom Honey, which has been lightly flavoured with Christmas spice. This is made using orange blossom nectar and honeydew from the trees. It has been delicately embellished with a stick of cinnamon and an aniseed flower.

- Mulled Wine Mix with incredible spiced, gourmet flavours! To make two glasses of mulled wine, infuse one sachet of spices in 25cl of full-bodied wine over a low heat for 10 minutes. For added taste, add a slice of orange before serving and a teaspoon of brown sugar. You can also opt for a non-alcoholic version by using grape juice instead of wine. Serve this drink hot for a festive, friendly atmosphere.

These items come in a beautiful clear bag with customised Albert Ménès printed straps.

*If any of these products are not available, we will do our utmost to replace it with an equivalent product.

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Net weight :
330 g

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