Jams and Spreads

Caramel & Chocolate spread

Total net weight : 265 g

6,80 €

25,66 € / kg

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A delicacy from Belle-Île, this caramel cream with Guérande Salted Butter and dark chocolate is made only from noble ingredients: sugar, fresh cream and salted butter. Its artisanal manufacturing technique gives it an unctuousness and a simply inimitable taste.

This caramel cream is perfect to garnish pancakes and other sweet preparations such as pancakes, muffins or scones. For a gourmet dessert, remember to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to these preparations: your guests will be seduced! For the unconditional fans, a spoonful of salted butterscotch caramel cream remains an interesting option. 

Net weight :
265 g
Gross weight :
465 g