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Raspberry and Rose Jam

Total net weight : 280 g

4,80 €

17,14 € / kg

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Our raspberry and rose jam was created in our kitchens in Nice and made using traditional methods. Made in the traditional way in a cauldron pot which is monitored throughout the cooking process by our jam makers, this unique jam is a limited edition of the House of Albert Ménès. Made from rose water made in Grasse, this jam has a wonderful combination of the subtle flavour of the exceptional rose flower and the tangy, fruity notes of raspberry.
Enjoy this raspberry and rose jam with quark or as a topping for your desserts (cheesecake, panna cotta). You can also use it in pastries as a filling for macaroons or as a tart base.
Net weight :
280 g
Gross weight :
480 g