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Extra 4 Red Fruits Jam

Total net weight : 280 g

4,69 €

16,75 € / kg

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Our extra four red fruits jam is an authentic and essential product of the House of Albert Ménès. Made using a unique recipe, this jam perfectly brings together the flavours of Sengana strawberries, Morello cherries, Willamette raspberries and redcurrants. It has been cooked up specially for lovers of red fruits, enhanced with the slightly sour flavour of the redcurrants. The red fruits are first candied then worked whole by our master jam makers. They are then cooked for a long time in a copper cauldron pot. This know-how has remained unchanged for almost a hundred years.
Our extra four fruits jam is perfect spread on toast, melba toast or pancakes for breakfast or for a snack. It is also great for a Swiss roll filling.
Net weight :
280 g