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Extra Sour Cherry Jam

Total net weight : 280 g

4,36 €

15,57 € / kg

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Our sour cherry jam is made near Nice, from Morello cherries that have a beautiful black colour and fruity aromas. Picked when fully ripe, these oblacinska cherries are first pitted, placed in sugar to preserve them, then cooked by hand in a copper cauldron pot by our master jam makers. The whole cherries add a nice decorative touch and give the jam its pleasant texture. Their artisanal skills and the authentic recipe guarantee a sweet and tasty creation.
Our sour cherry jam is perfect spread on toast, melba toast or pancakes for breakfast or for a snack. It’s also perfect to use during the festive period to make festive desserts such as a black forest gateau or sweet and savoury game-based dishes.
Net weight :
280 g