Organic Jams

Organic Extra Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry Jam

Total net weight : 230 g

4,59 €

19,96 € / kg

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Made by our master jam makers in Provence, this jam has a delicious flavour combination of three different red fruits. This product is made using whole wild blueberries which have been chosen for their strong fruity yet sweet flavour and their stunning almost black colour. The organic strawberries used in this recipe have also been carefully selected for their sweet flavour and juicy flesh. Lastly, we use organic raspberries which have been picked for their slightly tangy flavour and stunning bright red colour. After being washed and pitted, the fruit is then cooked with organic sugar and 100% natural fruit pectin. These are the only other ingredients in the recipe. During the cooking process, our master jam makers use the traditional method of mixing the fruit in large copper maslin pans using a wooden spatula. Their artisanal skills and the authentic recipe guarantee a sweet and tasty creation.
This extra jam by Albert Ménès is perfect spread on toast, melba toast or pancakes for breakfast or for a sweet treat. It can also be used in baking for a tart base or filling. It’s also a delicious addition to homemade panna cotta. A real treat for the taste buds!
Net weight :
230 g
Gross weight :
400 g