Organic Jams

Organic Orange and Lemon Marmalade

Total net weight : 230 g

5,04 €

21,91 € / kg

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With thin candied peel throughout and beautiful sunny colours, this marmalade is made using traditional methods in our kitchens in Provence. We use organic sun-soaked oranges to make this marmalade. They are cooked with organic sugar and 100% natural fruit pectin. These are the only other ingredients in the recipe. The oranges are washed, cut into thin slices and then candied. After being mixed together with sugar in a maslin pan, the fruits are then cooked the old-fashioned way in a large copper cauldron pot.
Enjoy this organic orange and lemon marmalade by Albert Ménès at breakfast or tea time. A delicious addition to one of our Almond Cakes from Visan in Provence or our Swiss Zwieback Toasts You can also use it to make desserts such as cakes, a gateau or cupcakes.
Net weight :
230 g