Organic Jams

Organic Extra Peach and Apricot Jam

Total net weight : 230 g

4,59 €

19,96 € / kg

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This recipe, which has been cooked up by Albert Ménès, is prepared using organic apricots and peaches which are picked when fully ripe. These sun-soaked organic fruits are first carefully washed and pitted and then cooked with organic sugar and 100% natural fruit pectin. These are the only other ingredients in the recipe. During the cooking process, our master jam makers use the traditional method of mixing the fruit in large copper maslin pans using a wooden spatula. The quick cooking process of this recipe keeps the flavours and melt-in-the-mouth texture of the fruit in tact. Fall in love with the balanced flavour of these two perfectly-matched fruits: slightly tangy apricots and sweet, fragrant peaches.
Spread on tasty slices of farmhouse bread for breakfast or on brioche for a delicious sweet treat. It can be used to make a tasty tart base or to sweeten a fruit salad. A doubly delicious recipe full of warm, sunny flavours!
Net weight :
230 g
Gross weight :
400 g