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Organic Green Curry Paste

Total net weight : 85 g

3,57 €

42,00 € / kg

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This organic green curry paste by Albert Ménès is made from a blend of spices, vegetables and herbs. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it has no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives. This curry paste brings together spicy green chilli and ginger, the fresh flavours of lemongrass and lime and the taste of coriander in a perfectly balanced recipe. This paste is packed full of taste, with dried fresh green chillies that have been stemmed by hand, lemongrass and ginger which has all been carefully selected and then finely crushed to bring out all the different flavours.
This ready-to-cook green curry paste is normally diluted into coconut milk to make the final dish milder, but is just as tasty mixed into a meat or poultry stock. For a smooth, creamy sauce, try adding coconut cream or even thick crème fraîche to the coconut milk. It can be used with chicken but also tastes great with fish or just vegetables cooked in a wok. Green curry paste is stronger than red or yellow curry pastes and is perfect for those who love spicy dishes that are full of flavour.
Net weight :
85 g
Gross weight :
182 g