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Organic Salted Lemon and Ginger Paste

Total net weight : 210 g

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23,48 € / kg

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This Albert Ménès organic salted lemon and ginger paste is made to an authentic recipe, and the production method is a closely guarded secret. The slight acidity of the lemon preserved with salt blends harmoniously with the pronounced taste of ginger. Widely used in exotic cooking to spice up dishes, this convenient product brings health benefits thanks to the use of ginger, with its many virtues for the body.
This exotic-scented salted lemon and ginger paste helps you prepare sauces quickly or season your dishes, and you can even enjoy it diluted with a little crème fraîche or coconut milk: Cooking aid for quick sauces, mayonnaises, dressings, avocados, fish. Brush over meat, poultry and fish before cooking. Or as a base for marinades. Dilute: 1 dessertspoon in 200 ml of crème fraîche or coconut milk. Heat gently and serve. It’s out of this world! Dilute cold: in yoghurt or ricotta. Try our recipe for rocket salad with chickpeas and lemon and ginger vinaigrette now!
Net weight :
210 g