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Mango Chutney

Total net weight : 220 g

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24,09 € / kg

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A condiment made from spiced fruits or vegetables, chutney, a British speciality, was imported from India by the colonists. Its name comes from a Hindi word, “chatni”, meaning strong spices. Since then, the recipe has been toned down, giving way to a tasty mixture cooked in vinegar, sugar and spices to a jam-like consistency. This recipe uses the finest ingredients: cane sugar, red wine vinegar and Alfonso mangoes harvested in India. This variety is often described as the fleshiest, least fibrous and most fragrant of them all.
It is perfect for making sauce bases for exotic dishes such as lamb colombo and makes an original wrap filling with chicken or beansprouts. Just a spoonful of mango chutney adds an exotic touch to dishes of rice, white meat or fish.
Net weight :
220 g