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Roman Style Artichoke Hearts

Total net weight : 320 g

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27,00 € / kg

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Our Roman style artichoke hearts are prepared in Italy in the purest tradition of antipasti, using fresh artichokes selected from the Violetto Italiano variety for their melting texture and fragrant taste. Their small size allows them to be presented whole. The plant is cut 1 cm from the bottom, the outer leaves are removed by hand and the upper part of the other leaves is cut off. To spread the sauce evenly, the artichokes are placed upside down on a table so that the leaves spread apart, and then a spoonful of sauce is placed in the heart of each artichoke. The sauce is made with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli and mentuccia, an aromatic plant typical of the Lazio region, with a minty flavour that goes perfectly with artichokes. The artichokes are then cooked in water and wine vinegar, before being packed and pasteurised.
They are an essential element in any a dish of antipasti misti and can also be served with fish fillets or fresh pasta dishes.
Net weight :
320 g