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Box Les Iconiques Albert Ménès


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Discover the specialities of the house, gathered in the box Les Iconiques Albert Ménès, with :

-The White Wine Petit Chablis 75cl

-Thick Breton cakes with semi-salted Baratte butter, prepared in an artisanal way, have an incomparable taste thanks to the smoothness and the exceptional taste of the Baratte butter.

-Petits-Beurre de Lorient with dark chocolate, cookies with powerful and delicious flavors.

-Gingerbread with candied orange peel, whose bitterness marries perfectly with the roundness of honey.

-The salted butter caramel cream, smooth and tasty, will make your taste buds travel to the land of delicacy.

-The creamy honey of France, very soft and perfumed, is elaborated from all flowers, from France.

-The Reinette apple jelly with its soft and melting texture will accompany your sweet and sour dishes and your daily pastries.

-The apricot jam with whole berries is slightly acidic and contains a nice fruit content, which guarantees an exceptional flavor in the mouth.

-The Lucerne Obols are incomparable in finesse, flavor and crispness. The caraway seeds add a warm, slightly aniseed flavour to the original recipe.

-The Shortbread with Ewe's Milk Cheese and Espelette Pepper are the perfect alliance between the taste of the ewe's milk cheese and the fruity note of the Espelette pepper, sublimated by the crunchiness of their texture.

The black tapenade, elaborated in the heart of Provence from beautiful sun-drenched black olives, picked when ripe.

-The artichoke cream with its unctuous texture that exudes the delicious flavor of artichoke hearts selected in Italy.

-The sea bass rillettes with yuzu which will seduce you with the freshness of this citrus fruit.

-The country terrine with Cognac and yuzu which will seduce you with its perfect balance of flavors and its superior taste quality.

-The sweet garlic which leaves aside the spiciness of the fresh garlic to express the crunchy and tasty aspect.

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