Gift for Him

Large Luxury Gift Set

Total net weight : 1255 g

70,00 €

55,78 € / kg

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Fall in love with the refined tastes in our Large Luxury Gift Set, which includes: - Scallop Rillettes with a light texture and full of scallop chunks. We’ve added a dash of cream to give it a soft texture. - Rabbit Pâté with Wild Thyme, made from top quality meat, and using a traditional method. The rabbit is lightly seasoned with a hint of wild thyme - Spiced Red Onion Confit. Slightly seasoned with vinegar and softened with a hint of honey, this is a pure sweet and sour delight that brings a touch of finesse and subtle flavours. -Rosemary Delft Cheese Puffs, made using mature Gouda cheese from Holland and seasoned with a hint of our rosemary - Brisling Sardines Smoked over Beechwood, caught in the Baltic Sea, prepared by hand and delicately smoked over beechwood using an old-fashioned smoking process to bring out all the flavours of their soft flesh -Christmas Hand Towel -Whole Duck Foie Gras from the South West of France with Red Long Pepper, made by hand and spiced up with the strong flavours of the long red pepper.-Mushroom and Truffle Delight, with mushrooms that have been carefully harvested in Italy and with the delicate woody flavour of summer truffles.*If any of these products are not available, we will do our utmost to replace it with an equivalent product.** Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink in moderation.
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Net weight :
1255 g
Gross weight :
3.158 kg

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