Gift for Him

Sweet Treat Gift Set for Foodies

Total net weight : 1535 g

45,00 €

29,32 € / kg

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Discover the ideal gift for an enjoyable and tasty sweet treat, including:

- Smooth and delicious Caramel Spread with Salted Butter, taking your taste buds on a journey to the land of luxury.

- Creamy French honey with a sweet and fragrant taste, made from a variety of French flowers.

- Pure honey gingerbread, made from a traditional recipe that uses only honey as a sweetener, giving this gingerbread its extremely soft and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

- Sliced Pure Butter Cake with candied fruit, made using rum-soaked raisins, citron peel, cherries and candied orange peels. The cake has a soft texture, bringing out all the flavours of each of the different fruits.

- Thick Breton Galette Biscuits that are packed full of age-old flavours

- Piedmont Hazelnut Spread, made using a traditional praline. The delicious Piedmont hazelnuts used in this recipe have a Protected Geographical Indication.

- The Provence hand towel, inspiring you to try out some delicious Provence pastry to make some delicious sweet treats!

*If any of these products are not available, we will do our utmost to replace it with an equivalent product.
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Net weight :
1535 g
Gross weight :
2.78 kg

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