Gift for Him

Grill Gift Set

Total net weight : 410 g

16,00 €

39,02 € / kg

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The Grill Gift Set by Albert Ménès is the perfect started kit for grilling and barbecuing:

- Our delicious Espelette Pepper Gourmet Ketchup is made in Provence using traditional methods and is packed full of great flavours. After being peeled and crushed, the tomatoes are gently heated in a cauldron pot to bring all the flavours together. Lightly seasoned with a touch of PDO Espelette pepper and a dash of vinegar, this ketchup has a round, sweet flavour

- Our Mix for Barbecue has been specifically developed by us to spice up meat, fish and shellfish dishes. With a slightly spicy kick, this spice blend can be used as a marinade as well as a base for sauces

- Our strongly-flavoured mustards have fine flavours and slightly spicy notes. 

The perfect gift set for him for any occasion: Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc.

*If any of these products are not available, we will do our utmost to replace it with an equivalent product.

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Net weight :
410 g
Gross weight :
1.04 kg

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