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Spice Discovery Gift Set

Total net weight : 290 g

15,00 €

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From paprika to sweet pepper, Cayenne pepper and Espelette pepper, the chilli family has a range of different flavours and surprising tastes! Explore the hot, spicy world of our Spice Discovery Gift Set. This set is packed full of flavours: Our spicy Ground Cayenne pepper has a strong, musky scent and is great for those love powerful flavours. Heat things up with these smokey flavours! -The strong, fruity Smoked Paprika with Oak Wood is full of smoky oak wood flavours. Use to season quality grilled meat or cooked vegetables to make your dish a culinary success! -Our Espelette Pepper Gourmet Ketchup is made in Provence using traditional methods and is packed full of great flavours. After being peeled and crushed, the tomatoes are gently heated in a cauldron pot to bring all the flavours together. Lightly seasoned with a touch of PDO Espelette pepper and a dash of vinegar, this ketchup has round, sweet notes. *If any of these products are not available, we will do our utmost to replace it with an equivalent product.
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Net weight :
290 g
Gross weight :
897 g

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