Sweet Biscuits

Florentines with Dark Chocolate and Orange Peel 35 g

Total net weight : 35 g

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These delicate Albert Ménès biscuits are made using delicious sliced almond nougat, orange peel and honey, all topped with intensely-flavoured 70% cocoa dark chocolate. These delicious crunchy biscuits get their high quality from the care taken in choosing the raw ingredients: fresh semi-salted butter, fresh cream, and cane sugar. The quality is also obtained through expert know-how which has been passed down through 3 generations of a Brittany-based family of confectioners in Quiberon. To make these biscuits, they are first cooked in a copper cauldron pot and then baked in an oven to give the nougatine its crunchiness and bring out the caramel flavours in this recipe. At the end of the cooking processing, the Florentines are covered with intensely-flavoured dark chocolate to preserve the cocoa aromas.
These delicate biscuits can be enjoyed during a coffee break, as a sweet treat or with a fruit salad or dessert. Both children and adults will love them!
Net weight :
35 g
Gross weight :
45 g